DUO SISWI JUARA SANG DA'IYAH DAN SANG ILMUWAN ISLAM..JAKARTA, (3/26) Maintaining champion is harder than seize it. Perhaps it was appropriate to describe two shalihah, smart and determined students of SD Juara  Jakarta Timur. Khafifah Wirdiani (Dian) and Sella Majid (Sella). Dian won 3 winner of Islamic Trivia Quiz and Sella won 2nd winner of archipelago Young Dai in Nurisfest festival and championship 2017 held annually by SDIT Nurul Islam, Pondok Kopi.

Dian, sixth grader who has many academic achievements, Last week, Dian got highest score of Math in Try out Exam in Cakung sub-district. In last year Nurisfest Dian won 2nd winner in Islamic Trivia Quiz. According to the mother, Dian was very sad because in this year Nurisfest her achievement is decline. “Dian is very sad after the race. Because he felt this year her achievement is decline” a mother said to Mr. Anto. Dian is perfectionist girl in the academic field. Moreover, Dian was known teacher and his friends never get tired to read and learn. In fact, after Nurisfest 2017 event, the student who is first daughter of Mr. Waluyo and Mrs. Sumarni is directly working on the task given by her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Rahmi.

Dian has a goal to be Muslim scientist, because according to her, Muslim scientist is not much  “I have to keep studying hard and focus to be a Muslim scientists to the advancement of civilization and the Islamic world.”, Dian added.

Sella, the fifth grade student who has linguistic intelligence (public speaking), besides won the 3rd place in Young Dai in Nurisfest 2017. Student is known sociable and active in various extracurricular and previously won the 1 Speech Skills of Religion Competition (Loketa) PAI in Cakung sub-district level took place in SDN Jatinegara 15 PG.

March 23, Sella represents VI group to follow competition in Cakung sub-district level. “Actually, I was nervous, my rivals are good. But I can learn from my rivals”, Sella Added. the easy smile girl, not that suddenly won the Champion. Various speech contest and young preacher had attended. Although she has not won a championship, he remained steadfast and continued to increase her confidence. Under the supervision of Ust.Ahmad Subhan, S.Pd.I PAI teacher and Mrs. Dwi, S.Pd Indonesian teacher. Sella’s public speaking is improved. When asked, what her ideals are after winning Young Dai and speech competitions. “I’m more confident, I can be Da’iyah in the future.”, She said.

These two students have carved gold for the history of SD Juara Jakarta Timur. Expectations of parents, teachers and friends, Both Dian and Sella will be making history for the Islamic civilization in the future.

Newsroom/ Arif Rahman


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