EDUKATIF, MAHASISWA AOYAMA GAKUIN UNIVERSITY KUNJUNGI SD JUARA JAKSELJAKARTA. At (08/30) SD Juara Jakarta was visited by special guests, they are students of Aoyama Gakuin University of Japan. They come from a community that teaches hygiene, discipline and culture of Japan in Indonesia.

This visit will lasts for three days, from Tuesday (08/30) to Thursday (09/01).

On that occasion the students of Aoyama Gakuin University of Japan shared the experience in elementary school classrooms of SD Juara Jakarta that were taught about good hand washing, Japanese Association, Games and others.

Kak Kichi Noto, chairman of the community, said he was proud to be face to face with the boys and girls in SD Juara Jakarta selatan, so that he can share experiences about hygenie, discipline and culture of Japan. “Good chance we have not wasted to share knowledge to children in Indonesia,” he said.

The students’s enthusiasm in participating in this series of activities are very high, they also enjoyed the performance shown by the students of Aoyama Gakuin University of Japan. Hopefully this event can petrify open mindset of children in keeping the environment around and discipline in everything.

Newsroom/Putri Mariana Sari

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