CIANJUR. Saturday (15/07) Rumah Zakat volunteers again carried out Superqurban expedition to remote areas in Indonesia, this time the expedition destination is Kampung Cigadog, Dusun Sodong, Sukamulya Village, Naringgul District, Cianjur.

By carrying the mission to distribute1000 Superqurban corned beef, Volunteers consisting of 4 people rushed to Kampung Cigadog which livelihood of residents is a farmers, to reach Kampung Cigadong Volunteer Rumah Zakat must take approximately 19 hours from Bandung, with an uphill mountain road terrain And downhill steep and rocky the volunteers arrived at Kampung Cigadong at 2 am (16/07).

“19 Hours travel from Bandung, actually it did not take too much time to reach Cigadong Village, but because the initial route to be followed cannot be passed because the road condition is still in red soil and muddy so the volunteers should turned direction and take a further route with Narrow and rocky road that can only be passed by off-road vehicles ” Dika explained, Volunteers of Rumah Zakat.

In addition, Dika continued, during the journey off-road car must stop for several times because the tire slip on a rocky road and muddy road, luckily the volunteers with alacrity has brought off-road equipment such as winches and ropes. Not only through the uphill and downhill rocks, volunteer teams have to pass a river that if it’s rain heavily could not be passed by the vehicle because there is no bridge connecting, the existing bridge can only be passed by two-wheeled vehicles only.

Arriving at Kampung Cigadong, Rumah Zakat Volunteer Team immediately greeted by the Chairman of RT03 Kampung Cigadong and local residents, it seems that residents are waiting for the arrival of the team. After resting, in the morning at 08.00 am accompanied by chairman of RT 03, Dadang, Volunteers Team gathered residents in the court of the mosque to distribute Superqurban corned beef. It was visible that citizens were very enthusiastic with the arrival of the Team, seen with the many residents who attended.

“Alhamdulilah, I feel proud and happy with the arrival of Rumah Zakat to our village, especially with Kornet Superqurban, the residents can eat meat, because the residents here can only eat meat when Qurban and celebration (party), Thank Rumah Zakat ” Pak Dadang noted with his Sunda cianjur accent.

The same thing is expressed by Santoso (14 yrs), a resident of Kampung Cigadong who is happy with the Superqurban he received “I am happy to get corned beef, I can eat meat, because if there is no money I can only eat rice mixed with salt, Thank you Rumah Zakat” He said happily

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