PONTIANAK. Temajuk Village, the ultimate village directly adjacent to Malaysia is the current Superqurban Expedition. Expedition team traveled 325KM from the city of Pontianak. In the journey of 12 hours the damaged yellow ground and the potholes became part of the Expedition Team’s journey to reach Temajuk Village besides the Expedition Team had to cross two rivers.

“It’s been a great trip for the Expedition Team in 2018. In addition to heavy travel terrain, the distance and distance of river crossing become an integral part of the journey to Ttemajuk Village, “said Asrul Putra Nanda, Superqurban Expedition Team.

For 3 days (9 – 10 February) In Temajuk Village, the Expedition Team distributed Superqurban and basic food aid to 3 hamlets, Camar Bulan hamlet which directly positioned on the coast, Lumudin and Sampadan hamlets only 100 meters from the boundary between Indonesia and Malaysia.

“We bring 500 Kornet Superqurban, groceries and supplementary food for children, the goal is to help people at the border” added Asrul

Temajuk village majority of its citizens must be assisted and underprivilleged, the houses are still made of wood, livelihood was average as a farmer, one of which is Mr. Amir. Mr. Amir is one of Temajuk Village, he lives in a simple wooden house with his wife and 4 children, everyday he only works as a laborer, therefore he and his family rarely eat good food let alone meat. So when the Expedition Team visited his residence to distribute Superqurban corned beef and staple food Mr. Amir look happy.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat,” he said pleased.

“With this Expedition, more people, especially the border community and remote areas can feel the Qurbani meat. Moreover this Superqurban can be distributed throughout the year considering there are still many people who need to be assisted in food problems “said Asrul.

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