EKSPEDISI SUPERQURBAN JAKARTA SALURKAN 2.700 KORNET DI LEBAK BANTENBANTEN. SuperQurban expedition is the activity of SuperQurban corned distribution given in various rural and remote regions. This time Jakarta got a mandate to to do the same task as other region in distributing thousands of superqurban corned.

This time Mekarmanik village, Bojongmanik District was subjected by RZ team and volunteers for this year SuperQurban expedition program. The expedition conducted there because the location is quite far from the city, beside that the village that has just got electricity in 2012 has bad transportation access from one area to another.

“The location is uphill and the road is damaged is a challenge in the expedition this year. I think conducting SuperQurban expedition here with all the struggle is accurate” Said Reby Bagja as The leader of Jakarta expedition, Banten (30/08).

Not only distributing SuperQurban cored, this time the expedition team also conducted healthy standby action, also races and fairy tales. The team incorporated from various social institutions which are already skilled in their subject such as MDI (Mandiri Daya Insani), CSF (Cita Sehat Foundation), IJF (Indonesia Juara Foundation) and KRN (Komite Relawan Nusantara) which totals of 27 people.

The distribution area spread over nearly four villagers who were assisted also by RZ Inspiring Volunteers who reside in Mekarmanik village, namely Alliyudin.

“I hope with the expedition this time, the residents’ nutrition can be fulfilled, residents can be healthy with healthy standby action. Additionally, hopefully the presence of IJF team presenting the race and fairy tale can entertain the kids. ” Said Reby again.


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