YOGYAKARTA. Thursday (03/05) Approximately 20 volunteer teams of Rumah Zakat hold Superqurban Expedition to Dusun Gebang, Girisuko Village, Panggang District, Gunungkidul DIY. This became one of the Superqurban distribution program to the built areas of Rumah Zakat which has started to experience drought as it is in Gunungkidul District. A total of 600 Superqurban are distributed in the Dempul area which is part of Girisuko Village, located separately from other villages, the road to the site has no public lighting so it is quite dark for night trips.

A number of more than 250 families in the area of ​​Gebang and surrounding areas get Superqurban from Rumah Zakat. Sugiyanto (67) one of the community leaders said that the level of meat consumption in Gebang Village is still low, if only at Idul Adha momentum once a year, so with the distribution of Superqurban is very helpful to the community in improving nutrition as well as reserve side dishes .

The majority of the people work as farmers whose fields depend heavily on irrigation from rain water sources. And the majorities who live at home are elderly residents, children and grandchildren and many productive people migrate to the city to work.

Mbah Tumilah (85) one of the beneficiaries expressed her happiness to receive Superqurban.

“Parents like me who have no teeth have difficulty eating meat, these flesh is soft so I can eat” she said in Javanese with pleasure when Volunteers Team explained about the contents of cans Superqurban.

Warnitis / Lailatul Istikhomah

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