RUMAH ZAKAT BANTU KORBAN BANJIR BANDANG SUKABUMIGARUT. On Thursday (02/03) at 12.30 PM volunteers of Rumah Zakat arrived at Cilegong village, Sukalilah, Sukaresmi district to distribute assistances for flood victims that occurred on Sunday (26/02) ago.

The Volunteers accompanied by Ustadz Asep Nurdin, one of the young religious leader who lived near the scene of the flooding.

Assistance distribution activities centered Mr. Itang’s (32) house, the one who the most severly ly affected victims by the floods, because his house is right next to the Cikeruh river. The whole his house was destroyed, including furniture and also trust money of 5 million rupiah was also lost carried away by the flood that suddenly came, so he did not have time to safe his belongings.

With the delivery of the assistances like basic foodstuffs, Superqurban corned, cooking utensils, hygiene kits, mattresses, pillows, and others hopefully it can ease the burden suffered by flood victims. Although there are still many victims in other villages, including the village of Sukamulya where no help distributed yet because the victims are more than 79 families (KK).

All of the victims expressed thanks and their gratitude for the assistance through Mr. Itang. “May Allah rewarded with maximum reward. Thanks Rumah Zakat.” concluded Mr. Itang.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti



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