RZ LDKO CilegonTANGERANG Faiq Ibadurrahman is a student of PAUD Juara (ECE) of RZ. He has been recorded as its student two years ago. Faiq was a shy, self-contained, and craven student. However, under the supervision, motivation, and guidance of his teaches he changes and becomes a super confident and talented student.

Lately, he achieved some trophies from various competitions which are held for kindergarten students. In the last two months he had successfully brought 2 trophies to his home; the second place in the competition of short surah memorization in Al-Ikhwaniyyah Islamic Elementary School and prayers in Al-Qur’aniyyah Kindergarten.

“We’re proud of him. He has proven himself that he is winner. We hope that someday he will become one who gives many benefits for his country,” Lien Herliani Subagiah, a teacher of PAUD Juara Tangerang, said. ***


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