TEGAL. The orphan and the children of RW 09 Berdaya Mintaragen Village had the chance to watch Duka Sedalam Cinta movie in one of the shopping and entertainment center along with Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat.

Ahmadin (37 yrs), Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat explained “this is a form of distributing cheerful orphanage scholarships and youth coaching so that they know educational entertainment and away from negative values so that new insights arise that in the value of religious values that support, “He said.

Ahmadin continued, “There are seven teenagers with orphaned status and one teenage representative on the occasion of watching this time together.” The film tells of the change of an ordinary man who became a Da’i. His Name is Mas Gagah, he has his beloved sister and mother who loved him. Gagah trying to be able to run Islam perfectly and da’wah to the family as well as the surrounding environment through the approach of wisdom.

Dhea Mardiana, one of the beneficiaries revealed his impression about this film “This religious film, made me better (in understanding the life).” in another hand, Indra, the beneficiaries and also students of SMK N 03 Tegal, “My heart was touched sir, a sister who was not veiled and willing to veil thanks to the guidance of his brother. ”

“Thank you to donors Rumah Zakat who has helped and support this movie watching event.” said Leni agustina, one of the beneficiaries.

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