Rumah Zakat, through the Empowered Village Facilitator for Sukaraja synergize with Fosi FH Unila held a race to welcome Ramadan, the event was attended by Moslem Youth Mosque area Sukaraja (RISMA) and Rumah Zakat foster chidren.

The competition was held at the event are trivia, adzan, memorize short letter, sack racing, marble racing and other competitions. The event was very lively because of the enthusiasm of the children and the residents who helped to provide support to all participants of the race.

Jeri, one of the race participants as well as members of Risma admitted very enthusiastic about this race

“The show is very exciting, I do not stop laughing because it is funny when the race and very grateful for this race from Rumah Zakat and Fosi FH Unila which can give happiness to us.”

Wawan Prayogi, the Empowered Village Facilitator said that this activity prioritizes the happiness of the participants at once to provide positive response for the brain.

“This activity prioritizes the happiness of the participants, and should be continue to be given to children because to provide a positive brain response in the process of learning and teaching during school,” he said.

Angga as the chairman of Fosi FH Unila added that this activity can be held continuously.

“I hope this activity can benefit the participants and especially the community, so that our activities will continue and continue to improve our sense of care,” he said.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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