BOJONEGORO. Through the Zakat that the donators make, Rumah Zakat’s Empowered Village facilitators empower the economy of the community with capital, guidance,and assistance to beneficiaries.

Such empowerment is being carried out by Farida Afriani, one of the facilitators in Sumodikaran Empowered Village, Dander, Bojonegoro, East Java. Sifaul Rohmah, one of her assisted beneficiaries has a banana chips business which is given the brand Raja Rasa. Starting from the provision of capital, guidance and assistance was carried out by Farida.

On Thursday (07/02) Farida accompanied Mrs. Sifaul to market her Banana chips to a shop outlet. Previously, Farida received an offer to market Mrs. Sifaul’s banana chips in 24 outlets. However, due to the limited production capacity and resources, banana chips are only able to fill in one of the Laskar Buah outlets located on Jl. Raya Dander-Bojonegoro.

To fulfill the demand for one otlet, 30 packs of banana chips 250 grams per week are needed. Meanwhile, every week Mrs. Sifaul, with the help of her mother and her child, is only able to produce 50 packs of banana chips.


“Hopefully this year the economic program in the form of capital assistance can be returned, so that it can be a solution to the business constraints faced by beneficiaries,” Farida said.



Fuad Syaifullah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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