KEBUMEN. Sunday (28/01/2018) Syarifudin (27), Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat in Blater Village held a vegetable farming training with hydroponics method at his residence. The training followed by 16 housewives and posyandu cadres brought Nurrohman (34) as a speaker.

In this training, a method of hydroponics was introduced by using used goods. “Around us a lot of secondhand goods that if thrown away will contaminate and degrade environmental quality. It will be more useful if used goods are not used around us, we can use again as a medium of vegetable planting with hydroponic methods “explained Nurrohman at the beginning of the training.

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants by utilizing water, without using soil, with emphasis on the fulfillment of nutritional needs in plants. Planting by hydroponics method is very appropriate for those who have limited land because planting with this method can be done in limited areas such as yard, porch, and another narrow land.

By applying this hydroponics system, there are several advantages such as efficient land use, crop production without using soil, cleaner and healthier plant quality (organic), and easy pest and disease control.

“Alhamdulillah this training can run smoothly, participants are also enthusiastic all. Insha Allah in the near future we will start jointly plant hydroponics in Empowered Blater Village. Hopefully with this hydroponics program can take advantage of used goods used, and the crops can help family food security in this village, “said Syarifudin.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat who have been conducting this training, We are all interested to plant hydroponics, it seems easy and healthier. Let’s start while still on the spirit “said Marsiyah (35) one of the trainees.

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