Monday (15/04) The Disaster Care Forum with Rumah Zakat distributed aid in the form of school supplies consisting of bags, socks, pencils, ballpoints, books, erasers, rulers, and pencil cases for flash flood victims in Sentani, Jayapura.

The assistance is distributed to BTN Sosial, since this location is a severely affected location and there are several damaged houses. Until now, there are still many houses buried with mud and sand reaching almost 2 meters remaining. Because the thickness and the amount of mud and sand to clean the mud and sand due to banjir bandang cannot be done manually, but must use heavy equipment first. The heavy rain a few days ago also disturbed people’s activities.

The children at the BTN social location have to fight harder in learning after the rain, they have to walk without using shoes in muddy conditions to study at school and reach their dreams, even so they remain enthusiastic.

Damaged, the condition of their school is also worrying, so there are some schools that are temporarily closed, especially Elementary Schools. On average there are many people in this location who are displaced in the post-disaster zone, in the afternoon they come home to clean the houses, and when they are back in the afternoon they return.

We have not dared to leave the house because the conditions have not been possible, and nearing night we returned to refuge, fearing that when we fell asleep, it would rain hard, so that it would be better to stay in the disaster zone until our location was declared safe. to our citizens. ” Said one mother at the location. Newsroom

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