FUN COOKING SD JUARA BERI NILAI MORAL PADA SISWASURABAYA. On Wednesday (22/02) students of 5th Grade of SD Juara Surabaya  was held Fun Cooking, whereas the students were taught about how to cook a meal. That time the meal was Nasi Pecel, which is very popular and almost everyone has eaten.
Nasi Pecel is one of the famous traditional culinary in Indonesia, it blends the rice, boiled vegetables and peanut sauce all together. What a healthy and delicious meal.

Before the fun cooking started, the students were introduced one by one on the kind of raw material that has been prepared, then the students are guided how to peel all vegetables using certain tools. They also were taught about how to wash the raw materials and how to cook it.

The students also divided into some groups based on their own tasks. One group was cutting tempe, another group was peeling and cutting vegetables, and another one was washing the rice.

Effective communication was also implemented because many students were asking many things about cooking. And of course the teacher must answer their question in order giving their further  understanding or information.

Before serving the meal, the students presented and organized the meal as beautiful as they can. Then before enjoying the meal the students were washing their hand also praying tpgether.

There are so many benefits that can be optimized on this Fun Cooking learning, they are: the student are able to work in team, they also know about certain food ingredients, and also gain experience about the cooking process. And less but not least, they also can optimized their cognitive skill.

Cooking fun activity also gets high enthusiasm of the students. In addition it made them happy, students can also learn and understand about part of life from a mother like cooking at home, that is so challenging and difficult when having to cook along with other activities, so that students can learn to respect the role of parents and try to help their parents.

“So happy to cook Nasi Pecel. But it must be difficult if I make it alone, Maam. It reminded to my mom at home, she always looks very busy while cooking and doing other activities. Next time, I have to help her.” said one student.

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