GUNAKAN OJEK PERAHU, RELAWAN RZ BERBAGI PAKET RAMDHAN DI PULAU KOSONG JAYAPURA JAYAPURA. Saturday (11/06) Volunteer of RZ Jayapura started distribution of Ramadan products in the first week of Ramadan coincided with the 6th day of Ramadan in Pulau Kosong, Kampung Numbay, Jayapura selatan District, Jayapura, Papua. By using Ojeg boat to reach Pulau Kosong the team brought 200 iftar Package (BBP) and 8 Syiar Quran packages (SQ). The island is called Pulau Kosong (Empty Island) but there are about 500 people occupy the island.

With beautiful scenery, upon arriving on the shores, RZ Volunteers greeted with exuberant children who were playing there. At the mosque, Volunteers instantly shared Iftar package packages to people because it was time to break the fast. After Maghrib, the event continued with distribution of 8 SQ Packages to the board of the mosque. Instantly it welcomed with enthusiasm of the children when viewed new Qur’an and Iqra. They are very excited.

“Are you happy to have new Quran and new Iqra?” asked RZ Volunteers.
“Yes, I am, during Ramadan i can keep reading quran.” answered the children cheerfully.

During this time if the kids want to learn Quran, to get ustadz or a teacher they have to wait for the RZ team of volunteers once a week beforehand who came to teach. And the children have to cross to the island by Ojeg boat at the evening to recite in the city.

Hopefully the Al-Qur’an and Iqra given by RZ can facilitate the mosque so no need to wait for a turn.

“We are grateful to the addition of the Qur’an packet from RZ, this is also a warning to the local community in order to continue to improve their love for the Qur’an. Thanks RZ.” Mr. Imami, Al-Muhajirin mosque committee.


Newsroom/Wahyudi Tarumadoya


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