HANGATNYA KAFE PAPISTAR BERBAGI BERSAMA YATIM BINAAN RZCILEGON, LOCAL1NEWS – Warm and friendly atmosphere envisaged in the event care for RZ fostered orphans performed by Café Papistar Cilegon, Sunday (01/15).

In addition to getting compensation in the form of money, as much as 50 orphans also really enjoyed the typical cafe menu at Jalan Piranha, Cilegon. “Cafe Papistar want to share happiness with orphans from the business carried on over the years. And Alhamdulillah Papistar could provide compensation for 50 orphans from Rumah Zakat, “said Branch Manager of RZ Cilegon, Ali Nurhasan to Local1News.


Said Ali, as submitted Papistar cafe owner Andia to the side, hoping to set aside a portion of the crops to share with orphans and the poor, nad hopefully the business get sucessfull.


“We also expect Papistar continues to grow. Furthermore, all efforts made by Papistar could be an example or imitated by entrepreneurs as well as other donators, especially in  Cilegon to continue sharing, “hope Ali.

Source: http://local1news.com/hangatnya-suasana-berbagi-kafe-papistar-bersama-yatim-rz-cilegon/

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