BATAM. Mr. Indra Wahyudi Head of UT2KS (Technical & Cooperation Work Unit) Marine Fisheries Training Center Batam welcomed Outing Class students of 2nd grade SD Juara Batam built Rumah Zakat in the framework of Darma Samudra Day which coincides with January 15, 2018, the theme “Together Keeping the Sea , for the Generation of Nations “is located at Raya Barelang III street, Bridge Setoko Island, Batam City. Thursday (17/01/2018).

The students of SD Juara Batam are welcomed in Red Snapper by UTKS Team. Learn the various types of fish cultivated and how to maintain it, ranging from grouper fish, brackish water pomfret to various types of Nemo fish that become marine ornamental fish. Next around look at nursery centers, treatments and also visit the Fish & Environmental Health Testatories.

“This morning we got a visit from SD Juara, we feel cool and touched, only this time we get a visit that starts with the reading of verses of the Qur’an, and readings Asmaul Husna. Be very calm, then we hope for these children hopefully become the next generation of quality. Uphold the ethics and the relegius, “said Mr. Durahman member of UT2KS (Technical & Cooperation Work Unit) of Batam Marine Aquaculture Center.

The Outing Class is the theme of this Marine, a means of educating and instilling values to the students of Sekolah Juara Batam, to jointly maintain the ecosystem and marine biota, by continuing to preserve the biodiversity, in order to keep awake and can be beneficial for human survival.

“Outing Class Program which coincides with the Day of Samudera is an important moment to introduce about the spirit of preserving the Indonesian Ocean. Introduce it to Students of siswa juara to contribute to maintain the wealth of the ocean from various pollution and marine destruction. Their hand is the future and progress of a nation, “said Mr. Syahbeni S. Pd as the 2nd grade Guardian of SD Juara Batam.


Newsroom / Sofar Fitratul


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