HARI GINJAL SEDUNIA, RUMAH ZAKAT AJAK WARGA SAYANGI GINJALJAKARTA. Commemorating World Kidney Day on March 9, Cita Sehat Foundation and Rumah Zakat visited the residents in Scavengers village, Dead End II street, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

Local residents were very enthusiastic to participate in the event whereas they can get health education about healthy lifestyles in order to maintain the health of kidneys as well as free health examination that consists of measuring blood pressure, checking the levels of uric acid, blood sugar and cholesterol.

At 13.10 pm the event begins with the opening and welcome by Edy as community leaders were also representatives from IPI (Ikatan Pemulung Indonesia) or Indonesia Scavengers Community in the area. Edy said that he appreciated that free health care activities in the region as a form of attention from Cita Sehat Foundation and Rumah Zakat to the residents there.

Counseling about maintaining kidney health presented by Nurul Asri Septiyani as PIC of Cita Sehat South Jakarta. There are 7 way to maintain the health of kidney, such as:

  1. Doing physical activity at least 30 minutes a day
  2. Keeping blood sugar levels
  3. Keeping blood pressure monitor
  4. Maintaining health by ensuring adequate fluid intake by drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day
  5. Eating healthy balanced nutrition
  6. Check the weight regularly, and
  7. Do not smoke.

Nurul managed to build cheerfulness among the residents. She delivered the material enthusiastically with friendly manner, those made the citizens did not hesitate to ask. A total of 50 people attended the event.

“Thank Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat for providing this health activities in our village, so that I know that 9th of March is World Kidney day. Because of the education, I will pay more attention to the health of my kidneys. Not only that, after the education we also got free health service. Thank you very much, ” said Warni (41).



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