HARI GIZI NASIONAL, RZ PEKANBARU AJAK KONSUMSI BUAH DAN SAYURPekanbaru, RZ together with Cita Healthy Foundation (CSF) Pekanbaru invited the UKS children of SDN 13 and SD Juara for direct practice in Showroom of “Happy Juice”. The visit was conducted in order to commemorate National Nutrition Day.

This activity began with Health Education hosted by the CSF HCO Pekanbaru collaboratively Owner of Happy Juice, Fiona and Kak Kak Beautiful. The material presented is the extension of the Benefits of Eating Fruits and vegetables.

The purpose of this extension is to encourage students to regularly eat fruits and vegetables every day. Selection was good in buying healthy juice, vegetables and fruit for managing palatable for consumption, after counseling followed by a live demo of how to make healthy juice ala Happy Juice.

Students who attended seemed very enthusiastic to join this activity. “Alhamdulillah, I got a visit from RZ’s UKS children. Glad to share knowledge together, may be useful for those who are still in the age of growth. Thanks RZ“ Said kak Indah, the Owner Happy Juice Pekanbaru.

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