hari-ibu-siswa-juara-ekspresikan-cinta-untuk-ibuCIREBON. Anak Juara Cirebon mentoring this time filled with various activities both fascinating and touching. Coinciding with Mother’s Day which falls on Thursday (12/22), children make crafts such as paper flowers crap that they assemble themselves, besides they also drew their mother’s face.

Excitement increased when a column in the image contains any questions about their mother, they eagerly asked directly to their mother who also participated in the activity, for the mother who was not present, they try to guess the answer. The flowers then given to the mother.

In P3A activities English course the activity went no less intriguing, other than coloring pictures, they also give you a coupon for their mother at home, fill out the coupon are like One Big Hug, means they have to give a warm hug for Mom, there is also a Dinner Out with Mom, eat outside with mom or Clean up the bathroom, which is usually the mother who cleans the bathroom is now their turn to clean the bathroom.

The atmosphere was boisterous when they were asked to do it on mother day later. Of course, this coupon is given to get them used to help Mom and closer to the mother, not just on Mother’s Day moment alone.

“Happy Mother’s Day, I love mom, I am sorry mom I am often naughty” wrote Genta P3A as cover on the outward appearance of the colors in the picture.


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