IBU WAKIL WALIKOTA SUKABUMI SUPPORT PENYALURAN KORNET SUPERQURBANSUKABUMI. Seventy (70) elderlies and 20 other citizen were gathered at Masjid Jamie ‘Al-Ikhlas, Babakan Bandung RW 10 Subangjaya villages, Cikole subdistrict, Sukabumi city on Sunday morning (26/03).

The elderly were meeting the invitation from chief of neighborhood to receive Superqurban corned freely from Rumah Zakat. The event was also attended by the wife of Vice Mayor Of Sukabumi, Mrs. Fitri Hayati.

In addition the distribution of Superqurban corned, the pasrticipants were also required to attend weekly majelis taklim that held by the board of Masjid Al-Ikhlas.

Not as usual, Mrs. Fitri Hayati was invited to fill the special taujih on that occasion. She also helped us to distributed Superqurban corned to the elderly from Subangjaya Empowered Village.

The event went very smoothly, and the material provided was a direct request from a Posyandu cadre, Mrs. Linda who has always held the elderly family guidance in Babakan Bandung.

After the taujih Mrs. Fitri Hayati directly distributed Superqurban corned which provided by Rumah Zakat to the citizen from middle low economic class.

This event was welcomed greatly by the participants, “Thank you very much to Rumah Zakat which already provide us Superqurban corned and special events here. At least it can add better nutrition for elderly in this village. Please do not be bored to hold such a good event like this in our village,” said Linda, chief of neighborhood as well as active Posyandu cadres in Posyandu Durian 1A Babakan Bandung.




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