If you begin to feel the signs below, the first step is to switch to toothpaste with gum treatment effectively containing Zinc Citrate. Zinc Citrate is able to protect the gums and also helps reduce the bleeding of the gums.
If you’re concerned have gum problems, then you have to recognize the signs. The gums are usually red, swollen, and more sensitive.

More details, a dentist, Kamlesh Desai, raised a number of marks on the gum that you need to be alarmed. Here’s his review, reported by the Indian Express.

Bleeding gums
The first sign of gum disease is when you find blood on the toothbrush while brushing your teeth. Blood can also appear on the gums when you eat. If ignored, will worsen the situation gums.

The gums are red and swollen
Periodontal infection can cause gums to swell and become tender. Swollen gums can be very painful and cause discomfort.

Sensitive teeth
When experienced sensitive teeth, maybe you think your teeth will be damaged and you should avoid certain foods. However, the sensitivity of the teeth is a sign of a problem with your gums. To treat it, we need extra effort more than just avoiding trigger foods and beverages.

Breath odor
Having bad breath is a very embarrassing. You will probably avoid eating certain foods to avoid bad breath again. But the real cause is the bacteria that decompose plaque from being a sign of halitosis disease of the gums.

Display somewhat elongated teeth
Other signs of periodontal disease is the recession of the gums when gum tissue is pulled out. This causes the position of the teeth and tooth roots disturbed and looks slightly elongated in the mouth. These marks are caused by bacterial gum infections that destroy gum tissue.

Loose teeth
Destruction of bone and gum tissue in periodontal disease can lead to loose teeth and shifted. If the network conditions deteriorate, it is likely to be more loose teeth and within one another.

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