ini-aksi-bela-islam-ala-sd-juara-jakartaJAKARTA. (11/04) When the bright morning sky accompanied the journey of Male teachers towards the center of the capital, the army of champions was preparing a series of activities which include: Dhuha prayer in congregation, praying together, scout exercises, and muhadhoroh. Therefore the majority of male teachers were implementing Stand for Islam Action, then all of school activities held by female teachers and one Tahfidz teacher.

Muhadhoroh with the theme Islamic action began with a theatrical drama asbab al-nuzul QS. Al Maidah: 51-52 by 5th grade students, Dacil by Najwa Maulida 3rd grade student, musical poems Love Qur’an by Chece Kirani and 5th grade students. This muhadhoroh activity ended with Stand for Islam Action Oration and signed SD Juara True Muslim Promise.

“In the drama, some snippets of dialogue performed by students and partly told by the narrator (because there is no involvement of the Prophet Muhammad that should not be portrayed in a drama). The core drama tells the expulsion of the Jews because the Jews of Bani Bani Qunaiqa has betrayed the agreement in the Medina Charter. “Explained the teacher.

“This is an effort to instill a love of children against Islam, in this case the Quran. This is one of our efforts also in Stand for Islam Action. “She added.

Newsroom/Arif Rahman

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