ini-kreatifitas-guru-smp-juara-semangati-siswanyaBANDUNG. Monday (01/09) is the first day of SMP Juara Bandung’s students to conduct activities in school. To be more memorable and students have the motivation for school after the holidays, teacher of SMP Juara Bandung initiative to welcome the students in front of the school.

Not just welcomed, the teacher makes writing and mask of national hero. The writing is also words derived from the words of the hero.

Thus, students are expected to has a sense of pride with the services of the heroes and have a high sense of nationalism.

This was followed by morning assembly. Acting as ceremony builder Tito Suhendar, Principal of SMP Juara, In his speech said that the students should be more excited in 2017 In order to achieve the learning objectives.

After carrying out a morning assembly, the students meet with homeroom and get a surprise in the classroom. The homeroom teachers have been hiding snacks under the table in the classroom. Students are enthusiastically looking for the snack and then the homerooms delivered the message for students in his class. Messages to be more excited in the2nd semester.

Students of SMP Juara Bandung then met with Agung Nuryadi, Vice Principal of Student affair in the 3rd floor of the school hall. Agung Nuryadi provided reinforcement to the students to heartily learn at school. Because this school is the right place to gain knowledge, while many of our brothers do not have this opportunity.

“I am happy, I am getting excited because welcomed by teachers. We also got snack surprise. Happy, I’ll be excited to learn. “Said one enthusiastic student.


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