intip-serunya-perjusa-sd-juara-pekanbaruPEKANBARU.The campsite activities Friday-Saturday (Perjusa) SD Juara Pekanbaru held on Friday (12/09) to Saturday (12/10) held at the Horticulture Seed Center under the auspices of the Provincial Agriculture Office of Riau. This activity is the first campsite activities held by SD Juara for Students.

Perjusa consists of six groups. One in each group was elected Chairman of the Group: Attailah Adi Saputra, Ivan Antoni, Lajjang Lail Nurjati, Zhahara, Dinda Maharani, Regina Riani Putri. Group Leader responsible for the problems that occurred on their team, He also dividing each task group members including tents set up and cleaning, fetching water, and others help clean the equipment of the group.

In this event Mr. Suriksodi Saputro, S.T as principal of SD Juara Pekanbaru asked to open the ceremony, Teachers also participated in the success of this activity by the division committee schedule which started on Friday morning, the female teachers participating in the procurement and consumption and the initial preparation of Students.

In the agenda of Bonfire Night the participants perform their art performance, it aims to train the independence of Students in order to survive. Each group was asked to show their creativity by displaying yells. This agenda is guided by Mr.Taufik and Mr. Bayu as Scoutmaster, aided also by Mrs.Rusmiati and Meutia Raya Fitri.
Alhamdulillaah, Students were able to show courage and compactness. This agenda lasts until 22:00 pm.

The next day, Saturday (12/10) at around 04.00 am, Students carry Tahajud Prayer in congregation with the Imam Hassan Abdul Aziz. Then proceed with the Fajr prayer in congregation. After that, Students Jogged around the campground area. For Students who have the task for picket, they prepare Breakfast in groups and clean tents and equipment belonging to the group. Each activity in Perjusa prayers are performed in congregation.

To train the compactness and agility, children were presented games compactness move the ball by using petiole in groups. Through these games besides train compactness can also train their honesty. After that, they also have to pass 4 post, in the form of Galah, Rambutan Runtuh, Spiderman, Bajak Sawah guided by some teachers. At the end, after being satisfied with variety of fun games, children also enjoy the fresh water entering the pond with mud at Bajak Sawah Post.
After that, the agenda continued with self-cleaning and followed by the Closing Ceremony.
Alhamdulillaah, after the agenda was followed by distribution of prizes by the group according to cohesiveness, cleanliness groups, and other criteria. They each receive a prize of socks.

“Alhamdulillaah children are independent, they can cook an omelet by themselves”, said Mrs. Mira Zulrahmi teache of SD Juara Pekanbaru. Mr. Pujiono, House Hold of SD Champion Pekanbaru that much help in procuring Consumption in SD Champion Pekanbaru, stated, “This Perjusa teaches children discipline, for the brotherhood and solidarity.” He said.

Around 02:00 pm Students return to their homes after unpacking the tent and collect the items that have been used. “Hopefully, this activity provides benefits and can be forwarded better” Concluded Mr. Suriksodi.

Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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