SLEMAN. In order to build the independence of business people, Empowered Village Facilitators carry out second Business Mentoring for the members of the assisted SMEs group in Jogotirto Empowered Village, Sleman, Wednesday (06/02).


Business Mentoring was attended by 3 economic groups assisted by Jogotirto Empowered Village Facilitator, Berbah District, Regency Sleman consists of 40 members. The group is the Jelita KWT Group, Jogotirto Craft Group, and Tirto Madu Studio members.


The activity begins with the opening, recitations and reports on group production over the past 3 months to keep optimistic of the group.


Each of these business groups already has products including the Jelita KWT group has produced 178 packs kenikir chips, , from the Jogotirto Craft has produced 380 accessories, and Sanggar Tirto Madu has produced 300 nappies and woven lampion.


In addition, the village official also attended the activity represented by the Head of Jragung Hamlet, Mr Tikno. He  give a speech and follow from the beginning to the end of the activity.

“Rumah Zakat makes a very good activity followed by mothers in Jogotirto Village. Later we can work together to introduce the products, and I will propose to the village goverment, so that this group gets the location facility to sell on lava bantal. Thank you to Rumah Zakat, for guiding these 3 business groups, “Tikno said when giving a speech.

The joint business mentoring program of the 3 target groups also presented Mr. Yudiyanto as the Economic Empowerment of the Yogyakarta Branch Zakat Office.


The participants, who were all women, listened enthusiastically and asked various questions when Mr. Yudiyanto gave material related to the “Millennial Business Strategy”, where the strategy must be applied in every business processes, namely in the production, marketing and operational sectors.


“The group must be able to prosper its members, because the group is actually only a means to facilitate a joint effort,” Yudiyanto said at the end of the activity.


Business mentoring initiated by this empowered village facilitator can be a place for sharing, support and learning together, also minimizing the risk of members making the same mistakes as other members have done. The closeness of one another also motivates its members to find a solution if someone gets a challenge.



Hadi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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