SUKABUMI. (02/08) Jaya (51 yrs), resident of Liung Gunung Hamlet, Kertaangsana Village – Sukabumi has been a member of Rumah Zakat in Breeder Empowerment Program since 2 years ago. In this Breeder Empowerment Program Jaya got help in the form of sheep breeders, from this assistance he finally kept 14 sheep.

“Pak Jaya initially has only a few sheep Alhamdulilah now has reached 14 sheep equivalent to 17,000,000” said Mahyudin, Empowered Village Facilitator who accompanied Jaya.

Mahyudin added that the hawking result of the goat adds Jaya’s income which also cultivate in the fields, he also diligently give charity from the sale of this goat.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat and Facilitator who have given us the opportunity to join this program, very useful for us villagers of Liung Gunung” he said when visited.

Not only Jaya, there are 10 other breeders who are also accompanied by the Breeder Empowerment Program, they routinely hold meetings every month.



Rico / Lailatu Istikhomah

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