JELANG UJIAN SEKOLAH, SISWA SD JUARA CUCI KAKI ORANG TUAJAKARTA. SD Juara Jakarta Utara held feet wash event with parents. This activity was carried out by 6th grade students to face the Final Exam (US / M), which will take place on Monday, March 16.

Besides study diligently, the students are encouraged to pray and asked for the blessing from parents, one of them is washing the parent’s feet and do sungkeman. “Allah’s blessing lies in parents’s blessing. The hope is that they are given the smoothness and ease to do the final exam” said Suprapto, teacher of SD Juara Jakarta Utara on Friday (05/13).

The principal of SD Juara Jakarta Utara also expressed that the success of a children cannot be separated from the role of both parents, especially mothers. From their prayers and Allah’s approval can make everything alright.

“Effort is not only relying on intelligence or study but also there is also other thing that we should do to make our success to be blessed and meaningful. Thus, whatever the result will be it is the best from Allah and train children not to be easily discouraged in reaching their dream “said Rahmat Ilahi, The principal of SD Juara Jakarta Utara

The same is done by the SD Juara Bandung, teachers, parents and students present to hold prayers and istighosah together in Pondok Uziah (Prayer Center) Cilaja, Bandung. In this activity, parents were invited to remember the past to reminiscence the moment when their children in first grade to the sixth grade. After that the sixth grade students apologized and asked for the blessing from their parents.

“With this event, the school hopes that parents and children can work together well before the implementation of final exam next week. In addition, the children need to always remember, the prayers of parents and learn in earnest is the key in the smoothness and ease of the final exam “said Tito Suhendar, the principal of SD Juara Bandung

Source : http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/16/05/13/o742ci394-jelang-ujian-sekolah-pelajar-sd-juara-cuci-kaki-orang-tua

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