SUMEDANG. Since Tuesday (06/20) Expedition Team of Hope Bridge Rumah Zakat together with Vertical Rescue Indonesia started construction of a bridge connecting Gunasari Village and Dusun Baginda in Gunasari Village, South Sumedang District, Sumedang Regency.


Since one year ago, the width of the Cihonje river that separates the two hamlets is getting wider. Meanwhile, the suspension bridge that has been used as a liaison is damaged and not feasible. As a result, for schools and transporting farm produce, people have to cross the river.


Hope Bridge Expedition Team Rumah Zakat and Vertical Rescue Indonesia keep building bridges although in a state of fasting, but the spirit of helping others did not dampen the determination and team spirit. The construction was stopped during Idul Fitri and resumed at the time of H + 3 Idul Fitri.


Last Sunday (07/02) the construction of the bridge in Gunansari village was completed. Now, the bridge stands firmly and people are able to use the bridge back for daily activities.


Thanks to the community who has helped to build the Bridge of Hope through may Allah repay all your goodness.

Newsroom/Dea Sukmara


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