KADO LEBARAN YATIM RZ UNTUK PEDALAMAN BALIKPAPAN BALIKPAPAN Ramadan is the month in which filled with blessing. All deeds will get multiplied reward from God, No wonder if this month many people are competing in goodness. One that receives the blessing of Ramadan is the orphans and the poor. Likewise the children in Kalimantan

On Saturday (06/18) morning Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel (MTT) Kalimantan along with RZ distributed 20 Eid gift for orphans (KLY), additional food package from infaq of Telkomsel donator, Syiar Quran (SQ) package as well as giving out 200 cans of SuperQurban corned in ’’Senyum Ramadhan Bersama MTT’’ program ‘in soket sub-district Panajam district Paser Utara.

The team departed from RZ Balikpapan branch office at 05:30 pm towards Panajam, an island located in remote and rarely touched by social institutions. RZ and MTT team must pass through the sea lanes and the intended location is in the forest that is in the corners so that it is difficult to be reached.

Arriving at the location the team immediately welcomed by the residents, especially orphans and needy children, did not wait for a long time, RZ and MTT team directly recorded the data of orphans or the needy who really need this help line. Because there are a lot of citizens interested to this distribution so that the team must choose beneficiaries selectively so the aid is distributed right on target.

“I am very pleased to get this gift from RZ and MTT, coincidentally my school bag was torn. ” Said Dodi (10) while smiling happily

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