KAKEK ABDUL WAHHAB ANTUSIAS PELAJARI DIABETES MELITUSMEDAN. Abdul Wahhab is a 68-year-old man from Medan City. In his old age, he suffered from Diabetes. Nevertheless, he survived the spirit of survival by attending diabetes mellitus class at Rumah Zakat’s RBG clinic which was held on Saturday (05/09).

Since being convicted of diabetes, Abdul Wahhab is more eager to seek knowledge on how to apply a healthy lifestyle. That is one of the reasons Abdul Wahhab was present at the RBG Rumah Zakat clinic.

“I amroutinely check his glucose level in this Clinic. And when i knew there is a class about education, I am very excited and eager to join the class” Abdul said.

Abdul Wahhab came with his wife. Both are very enthusiastic to listen to the material presented by Rafika Nur Siregar, S. Kep, Ns, CWCCA, nurses who also served in Rumah Zakat Medan’s RBG Clinic.

In his material, Rafika convey about the disorders of endocrine system (Diabetes Mellitus), recognize the signs and symptoms early on, diabetes mellitus physiology and leg injury prevention efforts in diabetes.

“For the meeting this time is the opening material only. In the future will be presented further material on how to care for diabetic feet, wound healing factors, diabetes prevention complications, and diabetic foot gym applications.” Rafika explained.

Participants who participated in the educational classes, among them are RBG Hospital Rumah Zakat patients who are diabetics, families who care for diabetics, and nuclear families who have family members who suffer from diabetes.

“With this class is expected to understand the public about diabetes that is increasing so that this can increase their vigilance on the disease” Dr. Fitria said, RBG’s clinic chairman

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