KENDAL. Green plants lined up in the yard of residents. Some have been fruitful, while some other plants left only leaves that are still green. While not far from it, there is also polybag that still contains the seeds of chili, eggplant, tomato, and other vegetables.

Empowered village facilitator of Patebon, Siti Munawaroh said that she decided to choose the method of seed distribution to citizen to grow vegetables in their yard. “It used to be planting vegetable garden in a field, but it was less than the maximum. Citizens who are not yet aware of their respective duties and obligations, sometimes it is difficult to come to the land to water the plant or weeding gardens. Finally I change the pattern of planting. Each citizen was given seeds and polybags then planted in the yard of the house, “said Siti Munawaroh or commonly called Muna

Since early 2017, Muna, re-started the establishment of vegetable village program in Patebon Village area. Currently there is only one RT area consists of 30 people who grow vegetables in the yard of his house. However, Muna says the area will continue to expand so that more people will grow vegetables.

“I started in RT 01 area, because people here are easier to invite. Currently I am also expanding the region to several RT to participate in this program as well, ” Muna added.

At first Muna gave three polybags and seeds for every citizen in RT 01/06 Dusun Babadan Patebon. The method according to Muna felt more effective. Because according to him, some residents feel responsible for their respective plants.

“With this method, no more people rely on each other. All are competing against each other. If they see their neighbor garden that has been fruitful, then they will also be more spirit to maintain the plants, ” she said.

One member of the Kampung Sayur Patebon group is Layla. In Eid Fitrs, Layla the painstaking care of vegetable crops in the yard of her house has harvested tomatoes and chili. “Gardening is my hobby, so when there is a program Kampung Sayur from Rumah Zakat, I immediately enthusiast to grow vegetables in the yard of my house. Alhamdulillah, it has been fruitful and have harvested. Tomatoes and chili are big, ” Layla said.

The girl who opened the services of making henna intends to multiply the vegetable crops in the yard of her house. In addition to consumed, harvested crops can also be sold and supplement her income.

“Hopefully I could reap more vegetables later. Then it can be sold and I can add my income” she said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah

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