KAMPUS RELAWAN, RELAWAN RZ BOGOR GELAR LATIHAN VERTICAL RESCUEBOGOR. In an effort to improve the capacity of volunteers’, on Sunday (15/05) RZ Volunteer branch Bogor organized campus Volunteers activities with the theme “Vertical Rescue”. Activities carried out at the office of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs, and Transmigration Bogor by presenting a speaker from Tagana Bogor.

Ifa, RZ Bogor volunteer coordinator said that the event began with material on basic rigging techniques and theories of Vertical Rescue techniques presented by M. Rizki.

The next material was given by Krishna Tagana bogot team on the practice of Vertical Rescue, which is part of SAR operations (Search and Rescue) conducted during the evacuation or evacuation of victims from specialized vertical or steep terrain, whether wet or dry.

Vertical Rescue is an Evacuation Technique (to move to a safer location) of object (goods and people / victims) from a low point to a higher point or vice versa, on the steep / vertical terrain both dry and wet.

After the submission of material from Tagana team, followed by a practice of climbing techniques or pioneer climber (Leader), which is a technique outreach victim or object that is done by the pioneering climbing from below the position where objects or victims stay.

This technique is done by placing a security at certain points. Traversing, or sideways pioneering, this technique is an outreach effort to the object or casualties which are done by sideways. In which the evacuation team is in parallel position to the point where the object or victim stay.

“This technique is done by the pioneering climbers by installing a security at a certain point. Abseiling (rappelling / descending), this technique is used if the position of the object or the victim is under the position of the evacuation team, for example, if the object or the victim were in the abyss, holes and so on other.” clear Krishna, the speaker of Tagana team.

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