KAMPUS RELAWAN RZ ANTUSIASME PELAJARI PEMADAMAN KEBAKARAN Volunteers of RZ Surabaya on Sunday (05/22) precisely at 01:00 to 04:30 pm conducted Campus for Volunteers (KR) in SDI Surabaya Darussalam (SD Juara Surabaya) and were attended by 12 volunteers.

The theme of KR this time is “Fire extinguishing” presented by Mas Teguh, Volunteer of RZ Surabaya. The material that was delivered was very comprehensively covers: What is Fire, Source occurrence of fire, Triangle Fire Theory, Causes of Fire, Danger of Fire, Clarification of Fire, extinguishing technique, Fire Protection System, type fire extinguisher and How to use a fire extinguisher.

“Some extinguishing techniques we can do when the fire happen: 1. Smothering (cover / wrap), 2. Cooling 3. Starvation 4. Breaking the chain reaction of combustion, 5. Emulfisicaton (extinguishing with water), and 6. Dissolution. ” said Sigit, in presentation material session.

Not only the delivery of material, after the break such activities continued with the practice of the fire simulation with a simple tool, which uses jute sacks with Smothering (cover / wrap) techniques. This simulation was guided by mas Sigit, Volunteer of RZ Surabaya is also a member of the SATLAKAR (Fire Volunteer Unit) in Surabaya. This simulation was followed by all the volunteers who attended.

“Hopefully this time Campus for Volunteers can improve knowledge how tot handling the fire so that it can be practiced in case of fire and to minimize the impact and fire victims” said Irmayatul Khotimah, Volunteer RZ Surabaya.

Newsroom / Irmayatul Khotimah

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