TERNATE. Located at Dhuafa Center Building, Jalan Sultan M. Djabir Sjah, Ternate today (7/27), Rumah Zakat and AMCF (Asia Muslim Charity Foundation) inaugurated Nusantara Berdaya Boat that was witnessed by Vice Governor of North Maluku, Ir. Muhammad Natsir Thaib.


“The vessel will circle the islands of North Maluku to carry out humanitarian and empowerment actions, focusing on health, education and infrastructure development” Noor Yahya Muhammad said, Chief Program Officer of Rumah Zakat.


By carrying the spirit of Nusantara Berdaya, Rumah Zakat establishes synergy with AMCF in carrying out the commitment of social humanity program in East Indonesia. “We are very excited to join Zakat House in this program,” said Ahmad Faisal Siregar, Director of AMCF.


The spirit of empowerment in the implementation of Nusantara Berdaya Boat program became the commitment of Rumah Zakat to empower various regions in the archipelago through humanitarian actions. “The team of Nusantara Berdaya Boat is not only coming to an island to provide assistance, but also actively conducting community development, we hope this program can provide a better change for people living in remote areas,” Noor Yahya explained.


In the first year, the Nusantara Berdaya Boat will surround the Halmahera Island, North Maluku. They will come to one village at a time.

“Halmahera is the first destination, because it is the largest island with the largest community in North Maluku. Two teams on the vessel will take turns every six months to take action,” Faisal said.

Rumah Zakat has planned the cooperation of Nusantara Berdaya Boat program to reach other area in Indonesia.

“We are discussing the program cooperation in Pontianak, East Nusa Tenggara and Southeast Sulawesi.” Hopefully this collaboration of empowerment program will bring goodness to Indonesia, ” Noor Yahya added.

Ria Arianti 


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