BANDUNG. Thursday (7/9) SMP Juara Bandung took part in the activities of “Campaign Learning Outside Class” held simultaneously around the world. This activity is also related to the implementation of Child-Friendly Schools in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. This program is fully supported by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, West Java Provincial Government, and Disdik Kota Bandung.

To level SMP Juara Bandung, learning activities outside the classroom is implemented by supporting the Bandung Masagi program, through the preservation of Sundanese culture. All students play the game (kaulinan) from Sunda or West Java. Like momonyetan, rubber jumps, stilts, cingciripit, jengkol perepet and other games.

It is expected that in addition to recognizing and preserving Sundanese culture, students will also move actively, encouraged to explore and find springs of brilliance of the role models around him.

The event was opened by singing the Indonesian National Anthem. Furthermore, Tito Suhendar Principal of SMP Champion Bandung reminded all students to interpret the activities of this time while maintaining ethics, both to fellow students, teachers, nature around and to anyone. All students then echoed together the tagline of this activity, which is “I’m Anak Indonesia, I am happy dear All”.

After that, the students of SMP Juara Bandung begin to play, according to the group consisting of a mixture of each class. The game is divided into several posts with each post guarded by the committee of the OSIS and the Culture Arts Circle (Lisbud) SMP Juara Bandung. As the peak activity is the game of momonyetan, which was won by the 8th grade and received prizes from the school submitted by Nunung Nurrohmah Wakasek Curriculum while also closing and giving conclusion of the activity.

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