RZ Bank Mandiri SuperinfakBANDUNG. Superinfak box was firstly recognized by Card Collection and Recovery Department members of Asia Afrika Bandung Mandiri Branch Office in 2010. Recently, Superinfak has been enjoyed for four years and it has been fascinated by them as sharing tool.

“We used to collect our charity collectively then we sent it via a competent zakat institution. However, by the existence of the Superinfaq box now it becomes easier to do. Now, the members of our department are fascinated and coordinated well to infaq,” Card Collection and Recovery Department Leader, Muhammad Juniardi , Thursday (21/8).

Uus Sopian, Card Collection and Recovery Department Leader Assistant, said that Superinfak really facilitate them in sharing because it provides a simple way of giving charity.

Juniardi claimed that they also participated in Senyum Ramadhan program held by RZ. They donated Holy Quran and Iftar packages via RZ. “We hope that we can give better contribution toward people via RZ and it can be distributed to the needy and right people,” he said.***

Newsroom/Indriyatna Sugiyarta

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