TEGAL. “Kebrajan Sejahtera Trash Bank has become a model of dukuh in Ujungrusi village in making trash bank, I hope once facilitator of Rumah Zakat can socialize it to other dukuh in Ujungrusi village” said Mr. Andro, one of Ujungrusi Village goovernment.
The mothers of PKK RT 02 / RW 01 Ujungrusi, Adiwerna, Tegal regency with facilitator of Rumah Zakat initiated Kebrajan Sejahtera Trash Bank that can be utilized by local people. As is the case on Sunday (24/09), the trash sorting activity has done.

The word ‘Kebrajan’ itself was taken from the dukuh where the trash bank is, while the word ‘Sejahtera’ or prosperous in English as a hope for the welfare of Ujungrusi board, customers and community.

And for the administrators of Kebrajan Sejahtera Trash Bank was formed before with the facilitator of RUmah Zakat. Rohayati as the head of PKK said, “Thank you to Rumah Zakat for changing the village environment to be beautiful, hopefully the trash bank in RT 02 / RW 01 becomes the model of RT and RW in Ujungrusi village even in other sub-districts.”
Rohayati added, “There are still many people especially in the village of Ujungrusi who have not been aware and lazy to sort trash. This is the problem in the environment like a slum environment. ” she concluded.

Garbage is sorted and weighed every Sunday every 2 weeks at 09.00. For the division of the result is 30% for the board and 70% for the customer. Every RT has been formed cadres to mobilize residents in his RT who become customers of trash bank.

“Alhamdulillah the trash collector is willing to accept plastic bag waste, because it is different from other collector who’s not willing to accept it. When weighed from various types of garbage alhamdulillah garbage replaced with money amounting to Rp116.000. “Said Hasbi, facilitatpr of Rumah Zakat, Sunday (24/09).

It is a great hope that in the future public awareness in sorting waste can be increased to participate in conserving the environment.



Newsroom / Ai Ratih Rusmayanti


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