keceriaan-ekspedisi-superqurban-di-sampangSAMPANG. RZ Inspiring Volunteer Sampang regency conducted Superqurban Expedition that includes several exciting activities such as competitions Fried Rice Cooking contest with superqurban corned beef as main ingredient and also division of staple food for the needy ‘in Hamlet Bara’alah, Barunggagah Village, Tambelangan District, Sampang.

Fried rice cooking competition was attended by 20 teams where each team consists of two people. The event was not only attended by housewives alone but also men, and also local youth enliven the event. Although the competition is fierce in the cooking contest, but familiarity and jokes keep warm in competition takes place.

Cook fried rice is actually not a difficult case, but the challenge of the participants this time is to present a taste of corned Superqurban as the dominant flavor in the fried rice.

While the 50 staple food packages given to widows, elderly and orphans who attended the event. They are very happy with the event like this, it is evident from the smile that always radiates from their faces, and superqurban corned are considered luxury item.

At the end of the event there was an old lady came to RZ Inspiring Volunteer with happiness smile and said “Sakalangkong pak ghi mogheh-mogheh Allah sing males” (thank you sir, may God reward you).

The local leaders who attended the event hope that the activities like this to continue as this activity helps underprivileged community to simultaneously tighten brotherhood among local residents.

Nesroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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