CILEGON. Friday (10/11), SD Juara Cilegon again hold activities Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an with the theme “Build Generation Rabbani the Tough and Glorious”. Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an activity is held from Friday to Saturday.

On Saturday all students will follow outbound activities. In this Mukhoyam activity was attended by students of 3rd and 4th graders. Then followed by a speech from the chief executor, Mr. Safruji, and the principal of SD Juara Cilegon, Mr. Susanto. After the welcome ceremony, the next activity is filled with material delivered by Ust. Astho Harjoko on “Benefits of Interaction with the Qur’an”.

After listening to the material, students rushed to take ablution water to perform maghrib prayers and continued with murojaah together. Mr. Safruji as the chief executor of Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an activities as well as elementary school tahfidz teacher Cilegon Champion revealed that,

“Activities Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an is routinely held every month. The event of Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an is aimed to instill a sense of love to read Al-Qur’an to elementary school students, “said Mr. Safruji. After performing worship prayer magrib and murojaah, activities Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an followed by dinner activities together, prayer Isya, murojaah, and listen to storytelling activities.

The most special event in Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an this time is the arrival of the Director of Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF), namely Mr. Arif Taat Ujiyanto. The visit of Mr. Arif Taat this time at once to attend Upgrading Mentor Rumah Zakat Cilegon which will be held on Saturday.

“Alhamdulillah Mukhoyam Al-Qur’an activities this time is very special because students can meet with Mr. Arif Taat. So that we can meet each other and establish the friendship, “said Mr. Susanto as Head of SD Juara Cilegon.

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