KELOMPOK TANI NGUDI SLAMET BINAAN RZ MENDAPAT PELATIHAN TEKNOLOGI PERTANIAN BANJARNEGARA. On Thursday (26/05) Ngudi Slamet farmer group Prigi Village, Sigaluh District, Banjarnegara got a comparative study visits and training of agricultural technology for farmers in Banjarnegara.

A total of 20 farmers from 2 Farmers group in the two districts, namely Wanayasa and Pagentan sub-district conducted comparative study visit and training in how to make organic pesticides. The visit accompanied by officials from the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Livestock of Banjarnegara district.

The farmers seriously and solemnly followed the series of comparative studies in Ngudi Slamet farmer group Patronage by RZ. As a way of cultivation of horticultural appropriate SOPs and GAP, recognize pesticide plant and manufacturing as well as a visit to the mini lab Poktan Ngudi Slamet.

“We are very grateful to the group Ngudi Slamet are pleased to share about the cultivation of horticultural and botanical pesticide to our target group” said Mrs. Maria, Officers of Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Livestock Banjarnegara.

This activity aims to spur the spirit of farmer groups in the two regions to be able to adjust the way of cultivation according to SOP and GAP. Besides the introduction of pesticide plant into something that is expected to bring a paradigm shift to farmers about the importance of agriculture with environmental and health friendly knowledge.

Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza

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