A saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul. The eye can indeed tell many things about a person, it can even indicate other body health conditions.

Through Boredpanda, here are some signs of health problems that can be seen from someone’s eyes. Please check, and when you know the signs and are experiencing serious problems, treatment by medical personnel must be done.

 Permanent Nodules

Blacks or nodules on the eyelids sometimes appear suddenly. This condition occurs because the sebaceous glands are blocked and usually disappear within a few days.

But, this nodule condition may continue and cause serious discomfort. When this condition often appears or lasts a long time, it can show symptoms of sebaceous gland carcinoma.

Try to note, whether the nodules last a long time and often appear in the same place? If the answer is yes, it’s time to visit a doctor.

Eyebrow Loss

There are many reasons someone loses eyebrows, ranging from aging, stress, or lack of nutrition. Alopecia areata or certain spot baldness can be another reason, although this problem occurs no more than 0.1 percent of the population.

The reason that makes more sense for eyebrow loss is hypothyroidism or acute thyroid hormone deficiency. In extreme cases, it can cause hair loss as well. When hair and eyebrows continue to thin, it’s better to visit a doctor and examine the state of the thyroid gland.

Blurred view

Many people spend hours in front of the computer either at home or at work. This habit causes eye burns or blurred vision.

This condition often occurs, so there are special terms in medical practice that describe vision problems related to computers, cellphones, or prolonged use of e-books. The term is “digital eye strain” or “dry eye syndrome.”

Blind Point

It is quite scary when there are blind spots or areas in the eye. This may happen quite often and can show migraines, especially if the image obtained is accompanied by sparkling dots or wavy lines. Usually, the blind spot is accompanied by a headache.

Swollen eyes

Sometimes the eyes feel swollen or full, making the vision a little uncomfortable. Rubbing and blinking several times often make the eye condition better.

If the condition occurs often, and the eyes feel really full, it can be a symptom of thyroid eye disease, due to an overactive thyroid condition. Difficulty closing your eyes is also a symptom that makes the eyes seem to pop out and occur in 30 percent of cases.

White Yellowish

When looking at a mirror, the face is a part of the body that will not be overlooked to be seen. When there is a problem the whites of the eyes start to turn yellowish, it should be recognized quickly.

Both adults and newborns with undeveloped liver function might face this yellowish disease. The condition can also be related to the state of the gallbladder or bile duct.

Blurred Vision of Diabetes

Patients with diabetes should pay special attention to body health and vision. One vision problem that can occur is diabetic retinopathy.

The condition is a condition caused by damage to blood vessels in photosensitive retinal tissue. This may be the reason for vision becoming more blurred.

Disturbed or Cloudy Vision

Any change in vision is a bell that requires a quick response. Feeling that your vision is suddenly disturbed, cloudy, or even disappearing for a moment, immediately get medical help because these symptoms are often the first signs of a stroke.


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