SURABAYA, Saturday (19/10) – Juara Surabaya Elementary School held a monthly routine agenda, namely parenting school. The parenting this time has a lot of activities in it. First is the material, the formation of committees, the distribution of report cards and the disaster alert coloring contest for students in grades 1,2 and 6.

The material for this parenting theme was “Disaster Preparedness” presented by the Rumah Zakat Action Team in East Java. The material presented was the role of mothers and fathers in building family preparedness to face disasters, as well as the earthquake and fire alert in the form of small games. In addition to the material, the audience was invited to practice directly to extinguish fires using burlap sacks and to use a fire extinguisher.

Children were very enthusiastic about participating in the practice of extinguishing fires, parents were no less enthusiastic, they could not wait to try directly, after getting the material they finally practiced. Some are nervous, afraid, some are relaxed.

The event starts at 08.30 WIB, with a series of opening, recitations, speeches, material, committees, report cards distribution and disaster preparedness coloring contest, closed with the announcement of the winners with each class having 1st place up to 3 and get a prize.

“The purpose of this activity is to reduce the risk of disasters around the Juara school environment through disaster preparedness education. Where Juara School is the most important part of the Indonesian Good Circle which needs to get education in disaster preparedness considering that Indonesia is almost in all of its territory vulnerable to disaster, including Surabaya itself, “said Bagas, the Rumah Zakat Action Team.

Dwi Taufik Hidayat representative from Fardan class 1 said that “parenting is very important for parents, so I am very happy with this monthly parenting, today my child knew firsthand how to extinguish fires he was very happy, thank you volunteer brothers and teachers of the Juara Surabaya Elementary School.”


Latatul Istikhomah / Hanaa Afifah

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