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Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said that devils chained up during Ramadan.

“When Ramadan comes, the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed and the devils chained up” (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

If demons have been shackled, why there is still a sinner in Ramadan? Why there are people who still doing a corruption in Ramadan and most of the perpetrators are Muslims?

Ibn Taymiyyah explained, although the devil chained up, one can still engage in immoral acts. For-vice person not only because tempted by the devil, but also because of their lust. Thus, although the devil cannot tempt because shackled, human lust is still there. If it is not held up, lust is what invites to disobedience.

Abul Abbas Al-Qurtubi also has a more detailed explanation. According to him demon shackled from people who are fasting properly. Which are people who pay attention to the terms and etiquette of fasting, as for those who do not perform fasting with true-especially those who do not perform fasting – then the devil is not shackled from him.

And if devils chained up from around a fasting person, no matter the fasting quality is, still sinners can occur with other causes which is the drive of lust that always led to immoral act.

He also suggests habits that have done when bothered by Satan. Habits are still carried away though Satan is not bothering him.

In the last condition, the man that is the devil himself as Allah says:

” Thus have we appointed unto every prophet an adversary – devils of humankind and jinn who inspire in one another plausible discourse through guile. If thy Lord willed, they would not do so; so leave them alone with their devising ” (QS. Al-An ‘ am: 112)

So let us consider our fast and we strive to avoid disobedience and insubordination to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, especially in Ramadan. Especially from major sins that are very unfit occur in conditions of demons have been shackled. Do not let us be a part of the devil as Allah says in Surah Al An’am verse 112.

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