JAKARTA. Thursday (10/08), Students of SD Juara East Jakarta, in the 2nd-grade held outing class to Central Indonesia Post Office, Central Jakarta Banteng Square, and Habibie Festival in JL. Expo Kemayoran. This outing class aims to improve students’ insights.

The students were introduced to the way their correspondence was written. Each other is assigned to write a letter to his friend and sent through the post office.

Sistanto Purnomo, the guardian teacher of the 2nd grade, initiated this outing class with his first visit to the Central Indonesia Post Office. Students buy stamps, write the sender with the address and name of the friend to send the letter. “Students are very enthusiastic when I invite them to the post office.The letter has been written at home, while at the post office they buy three thousand rupiah stamps and put in the mailbox,” said Sistanto.

“Writing and sending letters is really exciting, I’m learning a lot,” said Safa one of the students.

After the Post Office, then the 2nd-grade students visit Habibie Festival. Technology exhibition and innovation date 07-13 August 2017 in Kemayoran. Students are invited to try Sniper weapons made by PT Pindad and take pictures.

“I am really excited and add the spirit of learning to achieve my goal of becoming a soldier,” said Arifin who aspires to be soldiers.

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