By: Rahmat Saleh

In everyday life, maybe we have been confused or even disappointed. For example, because in the environment where we work there is unfair treatment, or maybe because the facilities and welfare that we receive are not as expected.

In dealing with such situations and conditions, we often complain then: Are the paths we take right and get ridha from Allah? Is our existence in this world really useful?

Presumably, it is not just an ordinary human being who might be tempted to have doubts in his heart. Even the prophets also experienced a test like that.

“O my Lord,” complained the Prophet Zakaria when he had not been blessed with a child.

Even though Prophet Zakaria’s bones were weak and his hair turned gray, while his wife was known to be barren.

“Truly I am worried about my successor and I have never been disappointed in praying to you, O my Lord, ” he continued.

Prophet Muhammad SAW himself also experienced anxiety. One time, when facing multiple enemies in the Battle of Badr, he asked Allah SWT, “I am worried, Rabbi, if this small congregation was destroyed, then no one else would worship You.”

As a Muslim who wants to follow the example of the prophets, so at a time of full confusion and anxiousness, we must first remember and turn to Allah SWT, to ask for His guidance. In a time of disappointment and confusion, we contemplate, and we close our hearts, full surrender to Him.

Prayers and contemplation – stopping for a moment in daily worldly activities with prayer and remembrance – are moments when we look at our hearts.

At times we introspect and evaluate ourselves, by uniting our souls to the Divine. “Know,” said Allah SWT in surah Ar-Ra’du 28, “by remembering Allah, the heart (of a person) can be reassured.”

By praying five times a day, that is evidence of the devotion of a human being to the Creator who created it. And prayer is also a gift of gratitude for all the blessings that Allah has given to His servants in life in this world.

Besides that, prayer also functions as our effort to conduct an evaluation and introspection for all the charities that we do that day. We immediately hold a dialogue by conveying all kinds of hopes and complaints about our shortcomings to Allah SWT. With that prayer, we ask for guidance and strength to carry out and uphold the truth on this earth as a caliph that has been created by God Almighty.

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