By: Ali Farkhani Tsani

The truth is, sick people do not need good food or drinks, nor fancy clothes. What he hopes is the spirit to be healthy. That there are still people who expect it, that there are still true friends who yearn for him to return to being cheerful as before.

In fact, the sick does not want any imported fruits, nor various toys. What he needs is the prayer so that he can recover and move as before.

There are still many people who need it. There are still many of his best friends who crave him to be active again, to be able to move and do the good things he used to do for many people.

During sickness, many people feel the bitterness. In pain there are still many relatives who feel sadness, that is the greatness in visiting our sick brothers, even the Messenger of Allah SAW described it with, “If someone visits his Muslim brother who is sick, it is as if he is walking while picking the fruits of heaven so he sits When he was seated, he handed down his rahmah profusely.

If he visited in the morning, seventy thousand angels prayed for the person who visited to get rahmah until the evening arrives. If he visited in the evening, seventy thousand angels pray for him to be given rahmah until morning arrives.” (HR at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ahmad).

Then, when there is someone who is sick, unconscious, or comatose, then the recesses of his deepest level of consciousness would actually be heard and record the sounds that visit him.

“Father please hold on, our children still need a father for their future,” for example whispered words of that comforter. “Mother please get better, the children are waiting for your gentle hands,” said the children in a string of prayers beside their sick mother who was unconscious.

Yes, voices of encouragement, warm visits, entertaining stories, and certainly sincere prayer delivered near the patient are all heard. Truly, very comforting.

Yes, the patient is entitled to a visit from his brothers and sisters. While for others, visiting him is an obligation.

Amazingly, a believer who is sick, for him is as if burying his sins, and lifting the degree of his glory. So, it is we who are healthy who need prayers. Because, the sick has reduced a lot of sins, while we are still increasing ours.


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