KHIDMATNYA PEMBINAAN ANAK JUARA BDI INFOMEDIA - RZJAKARTA. On Wednesday (05/11) 30 children of anak juara scholarship beneficiaries from BDI Infomedia implement mentoring activity at Masjid An Nafii, Infomedia Office, Fatmawati – Jakarta. The mentoring this time were divided into two groups, each group is accompanied by a mentor.

The mentoring started at 16:30 pm until 18:00 pm. in the event there are two groups that were given coaching.

The first group accompanied by Kak Dita Ningtyas preceded by recitations of the Qur’an Surah Al Maidah verse 3-41 in turns. Then proceed with tausiyah group about ‘Happy With Iman and Taqwa’. After tausiyah, the activity continued with the delivery of the material about ‘War of Thought’ first section.

Meanwhile the second group accompanied by Kak Siti Marlina who also started the mentoring with the recitations of the Qur’an Al-Bayyinah in turns, followed by the material about ‘Personality Mandatory For Allah’.

With a wide range of mentoring provided to anak juara, hopefully can enrich the religious knowledge they have and continue to grow into a pious chilren, smart and virtuous.

“Being a mentor means study. Learning to be a teacher, friend, and family, we wish to add perpetual charity. Aamiin, “said Siti Marlina as a mentor.

Newsroom / Triyas Wulandari

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