KLINIK RBG RZ BEDAH TIPS SEHAT BERPUASA DI SD JUARA PEKANBARU PEKANBARU. On Wednesday (06/08) RZ Pekanbaru’s RBG Primary Clinic socialized Fasting Benefits and Healthy Fasting tips to students of SD Juara Pekanbaru Jl. Warta Sari, Pekanbaru. Socialization was presented by Tri Anwarrudin of RBG Primary Clinic Pekanbaru.

“At the time of Ramadan in particular, Muslims are required to perform fasting in accordance with Islamic Shari’a. The benefits of fasting are very much for the health of the body. This can be attributed to the process of detoxification or removal of toxins from the body. “Said Mr. Tri Anwarrudin in his material

“Especially when fasting in Ramadan which is conducted full month that can make the body more healthy,” he continued.

Here are the benefits of fasting for health.
1. Improving the ability of the brain
Fasting can increase neurotrophic derived from brain, which helps the body to produce more brain cells and ultimately can improve brain function.

2. Helping to maintain the health of heart and blood vessels
Heart disease is one of the most deadly diseases. Fasting has a good impact on heart health, when fasting the body raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and decrease Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) that are good for heart health and blood vessels.

3. Lowering cholesterol
Losing weight during the fasting is one of the benefits of fasting. According to the study, the fasting person will reduce blood cholesterol levels. Low cholesterol levels increase cardiovascular health.

4. Can think sharper and more creative
Fasting can make the mind becomes calm and slow down can make it work more sharply. The hunger when fasting is a problem that is reasonable when hunger forced to think sharper and creative.

5. Reduce bad habits
Fasting is one right way to change an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. During fasting activities can stop smoking and eating sweet foods.

6. Weight control
Fasting can make the body more easily to lose weight. No need to do a diet to lose excess weight. By eating foods in moderation and keep eating healthy foods during fasting you can lose your weight

7. Healthy kidneys
Kidney function as a filter for harmful substances that we eat and drink. Kidneys function are greatest if the power of osmosis of urine in the body reach 1000 to 12,000 osmosis ml / kg water With reduced water intake during fasting.

8. Removing the toxins in the body
Benefits of fasting also can detoxify or remove toxins that accumulate in the body. During fasting, you can mendetosifikasi or detoxify the digestive system for 1 bulan.ketika body takes up fat reserves for energy, will burn fat reserves in the body of harmful toxins.

9. Preventing diabetes
Diabetes can be caused by high levels of sugar and cholesterol found in the body. With fasting consumption of sugar and fatty foods will be controlled so that it can ultimately prevent diabetes and its derivatives.

10. Absorbing many nutrients
Metabolism will be more efficient when fasting. Efficient Metabolism means the amount of nutrients absorbed from food increases. This is because the increase in adiponectin hormone that is produced by a combination of fasting with the fasting between dawn, allowing it to absorb more nutrients.

11. Boost the immune system
At the time of fasting, the body would be limp which some people will become sick more easily. It is wrong and it turns fasting can boost the immune system. When fasting, there will be an increase in lymphocytes even up to 10-fold in the body.

12. Addressing the joint pain and rheumatism
By fasting regularly can increase the natural neutralizing cells in the body that will ultimately make arthritic pain little by little toward healing. A study concluded that the correlation increased the ability of neutralizing cells or bacteria killing with the improvement in arthritis or rheumatism cause itself.

On the occasion Mr. Anwar also delivered healthy fasting tips that include prayer, exercise and eating fibrous vegetables.

So that fasting is not quickly feel hungry should eat fibrous foods when iftar and sahur, spinach and broccoli are highly recommended because it is rich in fiber. Not recommended for fruit in juice form because when the fruit blender will only damage the fiber in the fruit. Foods containing protein and fat can also be an option for longer digested by the body. Avoid fried food for iftar. The Children look very enthusiastic about taking this socialization.


Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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