KLINIK RBG RZ PEKANBARU AJAK MASYARAKAT BERBAGI MELALUI SEDEKAH SAMPAHTrash is still a major problem in the city of Pekanbaru especially waste production has now reached 350 tons per day so that the waste management needs to be done comprehensively and integrated.
Mayor of Pekanbaru, Firdaus MT said that Pekanbaru have a difficulty in transporting the garbage every day to the shelter so that the trash piled up for two days at each location of landfill on people’s homes.

RBG clinic of RZ Pekanbaru has one of the community empowerment programs in the form of “Trash charity”. Clinics run jointly namely Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) is one of the clinics that provide free services to the poor.

“Trash charity” Program which has been running in one of RZ’s target area, Karam Island, is an effort to invite the community in keeping the environment clean and healthy. The communities were given counseling on how to sort household waste and rubbish that can still be recycled back in. “Trash charity” Program is implemented by empowering local people and it has been running a year.

In August RZ’s RBG Pekanbaru clinic started “Trash charity” Program centered at the clinic. The program is getting enthusiastic welcome from the members of RZ’s RBG Pekanbaru in which 92% of the member come from the poor. In addition to RZ members, this program is also followed by a public patient of the clinics and society in general with the number of participants approximately 30 people.

“Trash charity” Program is very simple. Participants of this program just need to come directly to the clinic at Jl. Nenas No. 11 Sukajadi districts Pekanbaru City by bringing trash that has been sorted. Trash that can be used such as plastic (noodles packagin, cooking oil / drinking bottles), paper (book / paper / waste paper, food / beverage packaging etc), metal (cans, pot scrap, iron, etc).

Plastic waste or packaging collected should not be torn down, so it should be opened flat on top. The trash also must be in dry conditions. For Trash charity in large quantities (community), the scope of the RT (neighborhood), for example, the trash can be picked up by contacting the Trash Charity Team Leader, Fitiani Mulyana.

Trash that has been collected and sorted then will be sold to collectors.
Proceeds from “Trash charity” Program reaches to Rp 300,000 per month, this proceeds from sales of trash wherewithal to RZ’s RBG Clinic which will be utilized for the cost of the activities at the clinic.

“I’ve long been a member of RZ’s RBG Clinic and many receive the service for free. Alhamdulillah … I am now able to contribute in this program, although only with the used plastics. “Said Novi (40) one RZ’s RBG Clinic’s member.

“This program aims to reduce recycling trash that normally discarded by the community, as well as to foster sharing to the mustahiq (poor) even through the trash or used goods.” Said Emi Susanti Manager of RZ’s RBG Pekanbaru, Emi also hoped that wider community will be able to join “trash Charity” program.

Newsroom/Emi Susanti

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